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Highlights of The Course

  • he duration of the NMIMS distance certificate program is generally 6 months.
  • The courses are designed by the industries and universities to fulfill critical and professional skills in students to meet the specific need of the job market.
  • The NMIMS distance certificate program designed to develop strategical and critical thinking, communication skills, business analysis, and crisis management.
  • Blended program with top industry experts and the latest marketing tools to develop competent and necessary professional skills.
  • Top industries hiring partners includeing Essels, G4S, Helixtech, Dachser, etc.

Distance Certificate Program Specializations

NMIMS Distance Certificate Program – NMIMS provides certificate courses in various management specializations for professionals who are looking to improve job skills. Certificate programs are designed to impart knowledge in students with the vital skills of management by developing strategic and rational thinking. Certificate courses are generally for 6 months.

NMIMS is a deem to be a university that has the approval of the University Grant Commission and accredited with an A+ Grade by NAAC. NMIMS provides UG and PG courses along with the diploma and certification courses.

– Qualification:

    • Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline from recognised University or equivalent degree recognised by AIU

– Age limit:

  • No age limit


Semester I

Course Code Subjects L P Credits
BAQ101 English –Communication Skills-I
BAQ102 Fundamentals of Computer
BAQ103 History & Culture of Punjab-I
BAQ104 Punjabi-1
BAQ105 English Literature-I
BAQ106 Hindi Literature-I
BAQ107 Punjabi Literature-I
BAQ108 Micro Economics-I
BAQ109 Introduction to Sociology-I
BAQ110 Political Science-I
BAQ111 History-I


Semester II

Course Code Subjects L P Credits
BAQ151 English –Communication Skills-II
BAQ152 History & Culture of Punjab- II
BAQ153 Punjabi- II
BAQ154 English Literature-II
BAQ155 Hindi Literature-II
BAQ156 Punjabi Literature-II
BAQ157 Economics-II
BAQ158 Sociology-II
BAQ159 Political Science-II
BAQ160 History-II

Semester III

Course Code Subjects L P Credits
BAQ201 English -III
BMS101 Environmental, Waste and Disaster Management
BAQ202 History & Culture of Punjab- III
BAQ203 Punjabi- III
BAQ204 English Literature-III
BAQ205 Hindi Literature-III
BAQ206 Punjabi Literature-III
BAQ207 Economics-III
BAQ208 Sociology-III
BAQ209 Political Science-III
BAQ210 History-III

Semester IV

Course Code Subjects L P Credits
BAQ251 English -IV
BAQ252 History & Culture of Punjab- IV
BAQ253 Punjabi- IV
BAQ254 English Literature-IV
BAQ255 Hindi Literature-IV
BAQ256 Punjabi Literature-IV
BAQ257 Economics-IV
BAQ258 Sociology-IV
BAQ259 Political Science-IVI
BAQ260 History-IV

Semester V

Semester VI

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