Mastering Your Digital SLR Camera

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Take control of your digital SLR camera. In this course, you will break through the technology barrier and learn how to use your DSLR to take beautiful photos.

You will start out by learning about the many features and controls of your DSLR and look at the lenses you need for the kind of photography you enjoy. Next, you will learn about metering, exposure compensation, managing aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. You will find out how to use these features to get the right exposure for every shot. Then turn your attention to flash photography, managing camera controls, photo files, and even working in manual mode. With these skills, you will be able to take your photography to the next level.

  • Learn the basic features of a DSLR camera
  • Gain hands-on experience using lenses effectively
  • Learn to use exposure, focus and metering controls
  • Learn to manage shutter speed and control ISO settings
  • Understand how to shoot photos in manual mode
  • Master difficult shooting situations, such as fast-action photography
  • Instructor led or self paced online course
  • 6-12 weeks to complete
  • 24 course hours
  • Learn to perfectly capture important memories
  • Take the photos you’ve always dreamed of taking
  • Gain confidence using your DSLR camera technology


  • Getting Started
  • Working with Drawing Tools
  • Graphic Symbols and the Library
  • Basic Animation
  • Advanced Animation
  • Button Symbols
  • Movie Clip Symbols
  • Publishing Animate Documents